Mountain Milonga Retreat 2019

United States
Summer celebration of Tango, Outdoors, Music, and Connectedness in a historic 1929 ski lodge high in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah (but only 45 minutes drive from Salt Lake City Airport). A mindblowing tradition since 2005, the event has become so popular that in recent years the passes sold out in mere hours. Ticket sales begin on May 1st 2019.

7 milongas * live music * 8 classes * music jam
all meals provided * grand asado night
outdoor adventures * massages * body/mind
bunk-in tango dorms * tango chalets * Mystic after-party

Starring Eleonora Kalganova, invited DJs El Espejero, John Miller, Grisha Nisnevich, Serena and more.
Traditional trusted orgs: Jesica Cutler, John Miller
Yoga by Jamie-Lynn
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